Are Protein Supplements Beneficial for People with Diabetes?

Protein is an essential nutritional component of food that provides energy to run the body. For those who want to avoid consuming foods rich in carbohydrates and fat, protein also acts as a good source of macronutrients. Thus, it can even be an important part of the diet of a diabetes patient. Let us share with you how protein supplements can provide significant benefits to those having diabetes.

How Does Protein Work For Diabetics?

As protein helps with bodily growth and cell repair, it is essential for all individuals. Protein also gets broken down as glucose to produce energy. From making up antibodies and hormones to nourishing skin and nails, protein does it all. However, it has a special role to play in a diabetic’s diet, as explained below.

Blood sugar management: The intake of a high-protein diet, as compared to a diet rich in fat and carbohydrates, results in lower levels of blood sugar, post a meal. In diabetes, many individuals face high levels of blood sugar or body glucose.

Insulin production: Diabetics face a problem of increased blood sugar levels due to the non-production or low production of the insulin hormone. However, some research studies have indicated that taking protein supplements like Protinex Diabetes can help stimulate the generation of insulin in the body.

Weight control: People with type-2 diabetes usually experience weight gain. In some cases, the intake of protein supplements can fuel weight loss. While carbohydrates digest faster, protein takes longer for the same. Therefore, the person feels fuller and avoids eating frequently. This helps them with weight control.

Healthy snack option: Instead of consuming high-carb snacks as a diabetic, one can develop a habit of having a protein diet or protein supplement drink like Protinex Sugar Free. Such sugar-free supplements help diabetics in controlling their cholesterol and blood sugar levels while acting as healthy fillers during snack time.

Energy alternative during workout: Those with diabetes can depend on protein supplement drinks if they go for a regular workout and need extra energy and strength. While these are caffeine-free drinks, these also help with sugar control.

Though protein supplements can be beneficial for diabetics in several ways, it is critical to take a note of a few important points, as mentioned further.

Considerations Before Taking A Protein Supplement

  • Not fit for all: A protein diet or supplement may be helpful for some diabetics. However, it may not be suitable for all. Sometimes, the person faces obesity, and taking extra protein may add to their blood sugar levels. It may also be harmful when they do not have healthy body weight or they have other health issues.
  • Not a replacement for diet or healthy foods: Protein supplements should not replace the controlled diet of a diabetic person and should not replace healthy veggies and fruits. These are more helpful to replace bad carb energy foods or high-fat processed foods that raise blood sugar levels.
  • Knowing daily needs: By consulting their physician, diabetes patients should learn about the right type and amount of protein that their body needs.

Although protein supplements can help with blood sugar and weight control, insulin regulation, and energy generation, it is always recommended for diabetics to consult their physicians before they start taking any kind of protein diet or supplement.

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