How Early Nutritional Deficiencies Affect Toddlers

If you always thought that your fussy toddler can be excused for not drinking milk or not consuming other nutrition products that you feed them, think again. The nutritional deficiencies occurring at this stage of life can bring along several diseases and disorders in toddlers. Here, we share some commonly found problems that may occur as a result of improper or neglected feed.

Faltered growth: For a toddler, it is their age to grow by receiving enough nutrition. However, there may be several reasons behind not getting it. In cases of nutritional deficiencies, the most impacted aspect is the physical and mental growth of the child. While toddlers’ height may be stunted, there may also be weight abnormalities.

There may be different types of medical screenings required to assess their disturbed body functionality. Parents or caregivers can take note of their physician’s advice to make changes in the nutrient density accordingly.

Food allergies: If you consult any nutrition product manufacturer in India, they can tell you how common it is to find food allergies in those toddlers who face nutritional deficiencies. In fact, children may develop sensitivity to specific foods like milk, wheat, soya, eggs or nuts. Even if some types of allergies can be corrected by immediately fulfilling the nutritional needs of toddlers, there are many allergies that may continue in their life.

Constipation: It is another common issue in toddlers who are nutrition-deficient. While motions may become hard for them, children may also experience frequent stomach pain or difficulty with excretion. Thus, they should be made to drink more water and eat fibrous foods. A nutrition product manufacturer in Mumbai or any other city always considers such special requirements of toddlers while preparing its nutrition food items.

Anaemia: Anaemia or low haemoglobin level is the result of iron deficiency. This usually happens in toddlers who remain on the same type of diet that may have iron missing from it. Many toddlers are fed milk only, even though they need to be put on solids. By six months of age, it is important to give your toddler an iron-rich diet or iron-fortified cereal.

Rickets: It is a disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin D. The symptoms go from bow-shaped legs and swollen wrists to softened bones of the skull. The toddler may also face a deficiency of calcium that reduces the absorption of vitamin D and leads to this bone disease. Along with more exposure to sunlight, it is critical that the toddler gets vitamin D as a supplement or through formula milk.

By maintaining all micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients in toddlers’ diet, they can be easily prevented from all these types of nutritional disorders.

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