Why Healthy Food for Children is that Important?

The value of healthy food is immense at all stages of life. Particularly, healthy food is simply unavoidable for children. There are more reasons than one for children to have healthy food, as it helps them in the overall development of mind and body. To know why healthy food is so important for children, consider reading the following lines.

Proper growth

Healthy food for children is all the more important, as it helps them grow normally. Children need nutrition in a fixed amount and that will surely help them in normal growth. A food and daily diet for children should necessarily contain calcium and vitamin D for strong and healthy bones. Children aged between 4 and 8 years need 1,000 milligram of calcium, which eventually increases to 1300 milligrams for children aged between 9 and 18 years of age. Children should also add iron enriched foods in their daily diet, other than low-fat dairy products, dark leafy green vegetables, cereals and salmon.

Boosts Immunity

Children taking healthy food oftentimes have a sound immune system. Hence, viruses of common diseases like flu and cold are less likely to affect them. For this purpose, children should eat fruits and vegetable regularly. As per a study conducted in 11 countries of Latin America, children who frequently consume different fruits, fruit juices and vegetable reduce the risk of rhino-conjunctivitis, which is responsible for causing congestion, nasal symptoms, red eyes and eczema, which is a common skin condition.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy food for children helps them maintain a healthy weight as per their age. The intake of nutritious food results in appetite control, thereby remaining in the recommended weight range. Therefore, it is wise to promote healthy eating habits among children than low nutrient processed food, which leads to obesity. In addition, it is a good thing to make healthy food readily available and find fun ways to incorporate them into meals and snacks. Particularly, iron enriched foods help in proper growth.

Healthy Diet fuels the Brain

Numerous studies have proven that a nutrition-rich diet is mandatory for the proper development and functioning of the brain. This further helps children to remain mentally active, remain focused and perform well in curricular and extracurricular activities at school.

To know more about Healthy Food Tips for Children, visit the website- https://bit.ly/2M6FDhf

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